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SRE - France

Job description

About us

We are a medium-size, successful enterprise ! Our main presence is in the Netherlands, France and Belgium.

We are proud to be one of the leading experts in software development, system integrations, big data, consultancy and complex, edge technical solutions.

We live in the Java ecosystem: Java, Scala, Kotlin, but we are never limited to any of our customers' desires or tech-stacks.

Customers trust us! Our name is well known to the open source community. Our great speakers participate in most of the biggest IT conferences. We do research, publish books and do all kinds of training and certifications on site.

All of us are true, passionate fanatics!

We offer

  • A Competitive salary

  • Great, professional environment for endless opportunities to grow.

  • Best office in town. We aim to provide the highest comfort for our employees.

  • Powerful MacBook pro, with the best peripherals.

  • Work with highly skilled and extremely responsive colleagues.

  • Opportunities to attend conferences.

  • Internal / external certifications and trainings, we have an internal academy, led by experience coaches

  • Dedicated time for personal development

  • Communities on any interest: writing/blogging, chess, active-sports, cyber-sports, pool..and many more.

  • Travel card for any public transport around Netherlands (also for personal use)

SRE responsibilities include

  • You will be improving both infra and apps: availability, latency, performance, efficiency, change management, monitoring, emergency response, and capacity planning.

  • You will be a part of all development and delivery phases: architecture, development, delivery, maintenance, support.
  • You will design and propagate proactive / preemptive workflows to foresee incidents and other issues(mentioned above). You should be there before the service degrades or goes down !

  • You will make sure that SLA, SLI, SLO are met and help to define them.

  • You will amplify our DevOps automation, by consulting, reviewing and changing the application code to meet our high SRE standards.

  • You will be on top of site reliability testing frameworks, calculations, making sure that the needed capacity and requirements are met.

  • You will make sure that dev/prod systems are tested, ready and stable. Delivery should come on time and stay there uninterrupted.

  • You will be in charge of advanced monitoring, loging, notification systems

  • You will analyze and document incidents to make sure they do not happen twice

  • You will mentor (junior) team members depending on your experience

  • Still not enough ?! There will be much more :)

Job requirements

  • You are a thirsty learner, passionate and driven engineer, eager to pick up new technologies and willing to grow personally and professionally.
  • You are able to communicate clearly with our customers and colleagues.
  • You are able to deliver the best to our customers. Like it was yours..
  • You are a good team player, you respect under-pressure discussions, debates and challenges.
  • You have at least 5 years of direct experience in software development (Developer/Ops etc..) - JVM, languages
  • Strong all-purpose scripting skills: sh, bash, python, monitoring/logging/alerts, dashboards, terraform, ansible and so on...
  • You are a cloud expert on SRE part (AWS, Azure, Google, Openstack)
  • You know some networking but strong in L3,4,7 load balancing.
  • You know how to craft a stable and resilient service, considering all-around challenges .
  • You have a wide tool belt (CI/CD/Operations/Analytics/Forencings)
  • You have iron nerves to investigate and fix issues on heavy production systems.
  • You are the master of metrics and logging aggregation and alarm notifications.
  • You are not afraid of “dirty work” (documentation, incident reports, etc..)

You will work in a self-management atmosphere:

  • You will be your own developer, tester, operator, scrum master, etc...
  • You will manage your own time and priorities based on customers demand
  • You will travel to customers locations on customers demand
  • Your decisions, your code = will be end-to-end your responsibility.

Usually, you will be in a team of 5-10 people. Our Agile/DevOps is well established, teams work as a single unit. Each team is led by a senior lead, but not to tell you how to do your job, rather to challenge your decisions and to guide the team.

Who you are

  • You are a software engineer, with at least 5 years experience in Java or similar language.
  • You are a thirsty learnerpassionate and driven developer, eager to pick up new technologies and willing to grow personally and professionally.
  • You are able to communicate clearly with our customers and colleagues.
  • You are delivering the best to our customers.
  • You will pick up responsibility of leading projects to successful completion.
  • You have experience with shell scripting, CI/CD, Cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google, Openstack)....

Our recruitment process

We do not have an HR director, all applications are evaluated by your fellow future colleagues with Maaike our chief coordinator helping everyone.

1. We review your CV
Our technical team reviews your technical skills and see if you can move to the next step. If not, now is not the right time, we do not have the projects that suit you or you do not have the technical level yet and in this case we will keep in touch for later :)

2. Getting to know each other

With a video call or at the office. The purpose is to understand why you applied, why we invited you, to introduce Lunatech and how we work. It is above all understand your background and know your projects and see if we'd be a match.

If not, now is not the right time, we do not have the projects that suit you or you do not have the technical level yet and in this case we will keep in touch for later :)

3. Technical Assessment

We send you a small technical assessment to do and we'll plan a review of your solution with you. You should be able to do the tasks within a few hours and it will help us understand where you are at technically.

4. Technical Assessment Review

You meet one of our experts in the field that interests you, it is also an opportunity to help you do your self-assessment and know your level. During this review we understand how far advanced you are technically and in term of software architecture, how well you understand and master software tooling. You leave potentially having met your future technical manager and hopefully you learned a few tricks.

If we are not convinced by your technical explanation, now is not the right time, we do not have the projects that suit you or you do not have the technical level yet and in this case we will keep in touch for later :)

5. Final interview

During this interview, we'll talk a bit more about you the person. In order to offer you a personalized course if you join Lunatech, you meet with a member one of our directors as well as Lunatech HR person.

Finally, we'll discuss the conditions and see if we can come to an agreement. We'll see more about you the person during this interview and your career wishes.

You leave with a vision of both the values we share but also the projects we propose.

6. And after?

Two possibilities are available to you:

The first: all the lights are green on both sides, in agreement with the technical department and the directors, we make you a proposal.

The second: now is not the right time, we keep in touch through our blog articles, our events and we will try again later!

To know more about Lunatech and our selection process check out our recruitment page .