We are a challenging organisation with self-managing developers. In small teams, we work on projects for our customers, when possible from their location or from home in our own offices. With offices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Paris, and Brussels, we are more than 100 strong. We don’t have account managers or project managers; thus the entire team is responsible for successfully delivering projects to our customers.

About us

We are developing custom-made software systems, mainly for systems integration, machine learning, big data projects and backend solutions. We have been coding in Java for ages and picked up Scala along the way a 10 years ago.

We are also involved in cloud computing, machine learning and billions of small datas. Next to that, we are keen on new developments. We are not specialised in 1 specific technology, but always aiming to offer the best solution for our customers' requirements.

We partly work from our customers’ office because we believe it is the best to find out their real needs. However, on Fridays we all work from our offices and that gives us the opportunity to bond and learn with your colleagues coming from more than 36 different countries. It also allows for some time to improve our skills in a relaxed international environment.

We are active in the Open Source community; we have conference speakers, published book authors, Lightbend-certified Scala/Spark trainers, we sponsor conferences (ScalaDays, Lambda World, ScalaIO, Devoxx, NLJUG, J-Fall, etc...) and we host several Meetup in our offices (Reactive Amsterdam, Functionnal Rotterdam, Clojure, Big Data, Scala Meetup, etc...).

Lunatech is a member of the advisory board of the Scala Center since June 2019, a Lightbend and Red Hat partner.

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Current openings

Nous n'avons pas d’offre d'emploi pour le moment.

Perks & Benefits

A selection of what we have to offer

  • Competitive Salary
  • Continuous learning
  • Continuous feedback
  • Food and drinks
  • Excellent workspace
  • Flat hierarchy
  • Relocation package

Best place to learn. No matter how senior you are, working here brings new experiences all the time. You can try anything you like here, you can bring up anything you are good at - and you will always receive support and friendly respectful attitude from your colleagues and this is naturally within the culture of Lunatech

Nataliia D
Full Stack Developer at Lunatech

Our recruitment process

We do not have an HR director, all applications are evaluated by your fellow future colleagues with Maaike our chief coordinator helping everyone.

1. We review your CV

Our technical team reviews your technical skills and see if you can move to the next step. If not, now is not the right time, we do not have the projects that suit you or you do not have the technical level yet and in this case we will keep in touch for later :)

2. Getting to know each other

With a video call or at the office. The purpose is to understand why you applied, why we invited you, to introduce Lunatech and how we work. It is above all understand your background and know your projects and see if we'd be a match. 

If not, now is not the right time, we do not have the projects that suit you or you do not have the technical level yet and in this case we will keep in touch for later :)

3. Technical Assessment

We send you a small technical assessment to do and we'll plan a review of your solution with you. You should be able to do the tasks within a few hours and it will help us understand where you are at technically. 

4. Technical Assessment Review

You meet one of our experts in the field that interests you, it is also an opportunity to help you do your self-assessment and know your level. During this review we understand how far advanced you are technically and in term of software architecture, how well you understand and master software tooling. You leave potentially having met your future technical manager and hopefully you learned a few tricks. 

If we are not convinced by your technical explanation, now is not the right time, we do not have the projects that suit you or you do not have the technical level yet and in this case we will keep in touch for later :)

5. Final interview

During this interview, we'll talk a bit more about you the person. In order to offer you a personalized course if you join Lunatech, you meet with a member one of our directors as well as Lunatech HR person. 

Finally, we'll discuss the conditions and see if we can come to an agreement. We'll see more about you the person during this interview and your career wishes. 

You leave with a vision of both the values we share but also the projects we propose. 

6. And after?

Two possibilities are available to you: 

The first: all the lights are green on both sides, in agreement with the technical department and the directors, we make you a proposal.  

The second: now is not the right time, we keep in touch through our blog articles, our events and we will try again later!


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